Double Door Shipping Containers

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Attribute 20ft 40ft 40ft High Cube
External Length 20ft 40ft 40ft
External Width 8ft 8ft 8ft
External Height 8ft 6in 8ft 6in 9ft 6in
Internal Length 19ft 4in 39ft 6in 39ft 6in
Internal Width 7ft 8in 7ft 9in 7ft 9in
Internal Height 7ft 9in 7ft 10in 8ft 10in
Door Opening Width 7ft 8in 7ft 8in 7ft 8in
Door Opening Height 7ft 5in 7ft 6in 8ft 6in
Cubic Capacity 1,172 cu ft 2,385 cu ft 2,700 cu ft
Tare Weight 5,071 lbs 8,380 lbs 8,160 lbs
Max Gross Weight 67,200 lbs 67,200 lbs 67,200 lbs

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  1. Double Door

    Double Door

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