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40ft Shipping Container Dimensions and Types Specifications

Container TypeExternal LengthExternal WidthExternal HeightInternal LengthInternal WidthInternal HeightDoor WidthDoor HeightVolumeTare WeightMax Payload
Standard Dry Container40 ft (12.2 m)8 ft (2.44 m)8.5 ft (2.59 m)39 ft 5 in (12.032 m)7 ft 8 in (2.352 m)7 ft 10 in (2.393 m)7 ft 8 in (2.343 m)7 ft 6 in (2.280 m)2,390 cu ft (67.7 m³)8,160 lbs (3,700 kg)59,040 lbs (26,780 kg)
High Cube Container40 ft (12.2 m)8 ft (2.44 m)9.5 ft (2.89 m)39 ft 5 in (12.032 m)7 ft 8 in (2.352 m)8 ft 10 in (2.698 m)7 ft 8 in (2.343 m)8 ft 5 in (2.560 m)2,660 cu ft (75.3 m³)8,750 lbs (3,970 kg)58,450 lbs (26,510 kg)
Refrigerated Container40 ft (12.2 m)8 ft (2.44 m)8.5 ft (2.59 m)37 ft 11 in (11.56 m)7 ft 6 in (2.29 m)7 ft 6 in (2.29 m)7 ft 6 in (2.290 m)7 ft 4 in (2.240 m)2,040 cu ft (57.8 m³)10,580 lbs (4,800 kg)52,620 lbs (23,860 kg)
Open Top Container40 ft (12.2 m)8 ft (2.44 m)8.5 ft (2.59 m)39 ft 5 in (12.032 m)7 ft 8 in (2.352 m)7 ft 10 in (2.393 m)7 ft 8 in (2.343 m)7 ft 6 in (2.280 m)2,390 cu ft (67.7 m³)8,490 lbs (3,850 kg)58,710 lbs (26,630 kg)

Note: These specifications provide an overview of the dimensions and capacities of various 40-foot shipping containers. The actual dimensions may varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

40ft Shipping Container Price

The price of a 40-foot shipping container can vary based on factors such as condition, availability, and location. Here’s a general overview of the pricing:

Used 40-foot containers: The cost of used 40-foot shipping containers typically starts as low as $1,750 and can go up to $3,500 in markets where supply is scarce.
One trip 40-foot containers: These are almost like new and can cost anywhere from $4,500 to $7,900, depending on availability.

About 40ft Storage Containers 

40-foot containers can be used for a wide range of purposes, from warehousing to shipping. Measuring 12.19m in length, 2.44m in width, and 2.59m in height externally, they offer a substantial 67.7 cubic meters of storage space. This is more than double the capacity of a 20-foot container, making them ideal for handling large volumes of goods. These containers are particularly beneficial for shipping and storing bulky items such as vehicles, machinery, and construction equipment. Their cost-effectiveness is evident when transporting large volumes, as a single 40-foot container can be more economical than using two 20-foot containers. Despite being only around 25% more expensive, they offer over double the storage capacity. Constructed to be durable, secure, and weatherproof, 40-foot containers can be stacked for efficient space utilization. They come equipped with forklift pockets for easy ground-level access and lockable doors for security. Additional features such as lockboxes and shelving can be incorporated as needed. The portability of these containers makes them suitable for temporary storage at construction sites and events. When compared to other sizes, 40-foot containers strike a balance between space and affordability. High cube variants provide additional height for taller cargo. When selecting a 40-foot container, considerations should include cargo dimensions, volume, weight restrictions, relocation frequency, budget, required modifications, and delivery logistics. These containers offer a blend of space, flexibility, and cost savings, making them a preferred choice for many.

Common Uses of 40 Foot Shipping Containers

Pool House

Transforming a 40-foot shipping container into a pool house is an innovative approach to creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space adjacent to a swimming pool. By incorporating elements such as windows, insulation, and electrical wiring, the container can be converted into a comfortable and weather-resistant structure. This space can be utilized for storing pool equipment, providing changing rooms, and creating a relaxing lounge area for guests and family. The sturdy and modular nature of the container allows for customization to suit specific needs and preferences.

Pool House
Mobile Medical Clinic

Mobile Medical Clinic

40-foot shipping containers can be repurposed into mobile medical clinics, offering a valuable solution for delivering healthcare services to remote or underserved communities. These containers can be equipped with examination rooms, laboratories, imaging equipment, and telemedicine facilities, creating a self-contained and fully functional medical unit. The mobility of the container clinic ensures that healthcare professionals can reach and serve populations that may otherwise lack access to medical services.

Hydroponic Farm

Utilizing 40-foot shipping containers to establish indoor hydroponic farms is an efficient method of maximizing space for agricultural purposes. By stacking and connecting multiple containers, a controlled and space-efficient environment can be created for cultivating fruits, vegetables, and herbs throughout the year. The enclosed nature of the containers allows for precise control over factors such as temperature, humidity, and light, ensuring optimal conditions for hydroponic farming.

Hydroponic Farm
Portable Greenhouse

Portable Greenhouse

Converting a 40-foot shipping container into a portable greenhouse is a practical way to facilitate plant cultivation in varying weather conditions. By integrating glass panels, insulation, climate control systems, and grow lights, the container can be transformed into a conducive environment for plant growth. The portability of the container greenhouse allows it to be relocated as needed, providing flexibility for agricultural endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Insulation and climate control
  • Interior partitions
  • Shelving and storage systems
  • Custom flooring
  • Electrical and lighting installations
  • Plumbing and water systems
  • Windows and skylights
  • Doors and access points
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Exterior paint and branding
  • Security features and locks
  • Container stacking and joining
  • Roofing and canopies
  • Solar panel installations
  • Accessibility features

A 40-foot shipping container can store a wide range of cargo, including vehicles, machinery, furniture, and large quantities of consumer goods. High cube containers are especially suitable for taller or bulkier items.

Regular inspections, cleaning, lubrication of door hinges and locks, prompt repairs, and proper storage on a level surface will help extend the lifespan and maintain the performance of your shipping container.