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Shipping containers also called Storage ContainersCargo Containers, Conex Containers, intermodal containers, freight containers, and Conex boxes.

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Common Shipping Containers Size and Type in Pennsylvania

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**These are common shipping container sample with many color and it may not available in Pennsylvania.

Shipping containers in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for a hub while dealing with shipping containers, you’ve hit the jackpot with Pennsylvania! Nestled right in the northeastern heart of the U.S and surrounded by states like New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Ohio, Pennsylvania couldn’t get more central if it tried. Plus, with solid highways like the I-95, I-76, I-80, and I-81, moving these handy containers is a breeze. Thanks to the state’s humid continental climate, we get to enjoy the best of both worlds – lush, warm summers and crisp, snowy winters. 

But what do people in Pennsylvania use these customizable, durable cargo carriers for, you might wonder? Oh, the uses are endless! Storage, nifty mobile offices, cool pop-up shops, lifesaving disaster relief housing, and the perfect hunting cabins, think it and you’ve got it. Some prime examples of creative uses of shipping containers around here are the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh with its uber-trendy outdoor bar, all made of shipping containers. Then there’s the Axemann Brewery in Biglerville, where shipping containers double as grain storage units and the hippest taproom bar you’ve ever seen. 

So, offering the perfect mix of major seaports, airports, highways, and railroads for easy distribution, Pennsylvania is your go-to state if shipping containers are your jam. Whether for purchase or rental, it’s time to explore the extraordinary world of shipping containers in Pennsylvania.











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Shipping Container Transport Companies in Pennsylvania, PA

  • Container Movers Located in Harrisburg, PA and established in 2008. Container Movers provides sidelifter, intermodal, and drayage transport solutions for shipping containers. They efficiently pick up and deliver loaded containers using mobile cranes and flatbed trailers. They transport containers for commercial and residential customers in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.
  • Heavy Equipment Transport Located in Pittsburgh, PA. Heavy Equipment Transport has over 10 years of experience shipping containers of all sizes in Pennsylvania. They offer single and multiple container transport utilizing modern trailers. They provide door-to-door and terminal to terminal services across the state.
  • Nationwide Transport Services Headquartered in Florida but serves Pennsylvania. Nationwide Transport Services has a wide variety of trailers to quickly transport shipping containers across Pennsylvania. They handle door to door, terminal to terminal, and port transport. Fully insured and bonded container shipping services.
  • Transport Planning Located in Southern New Jersey, outside Philadelphia. Transport Planning delivers shipping containers to all areas of Pennsylvania. They have container inventory located in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. They sell and modify new and used containers and can deliver any ISO container to locations across the state.
  • Twin Towing Located in New Jersey but serves Eastern Pennsylvania. Twin Towing provides fast and reliable container delivery services using tilt-bed trucks and flatbed trailers. They deliver containers to commercial and residential locations 7 days a week across Eastern Pennsylvania.

Frequently Ask Questions for Cargo Containers For Sale Pennsylvania

Hey there! When it comes to finding the perfect shipping container for sale or rent in Pennsylvania, you’ve got plenty of options. Need something compact? Go for the 10-foot container. If you’re after versatility, the 20-foot container could be your best bet. And for those needing a ton of space, there is always the roomy 40-foot container. And, if you’re looking for even more height than standard options offer, remember to check out the high-cube containers. There are also some rather unique sizes like 30-foot, 45-foot, and 53-foot containers if you’ve got specific needs.

Now, let’s break down the size thing a bit more for you. The 20-foot standard container measures 20′ long, 8′ wide and 8’6″ high. Pretty sizey, right? It’s got an interior space of 19’4″ long, 7’8″ wide, and 7’10” high. Need more room? The 40-foot standard container could be right up your alley with dimensions of 40′ long, 8′ wide, and 8’6″ high on the outside and 39’5″ long, 7’8″ wide, and 7’9″ high on the inside. If you’re looking for additional height, the 40-foot high-cube container bumps up to a height of 9’6″, giving you an interior height of 8’10”. 

Before you go browsing, you’re probably wondering about prices, right? Well, since many factors influence cost (like size, condition, location, and any special modifications), I’d recommend simply filling out a request form. That way, you can get quotes from up to five local companies and find the best deal for you. Happy hunting!

Searching for a spot to snag some shipping containers in the Pennsylvania vicinity? You’re in luck! A whole host of cargo container providers are just a call or click away, ready to sell you the perfect shipping container. The selection is wide, encompassing brand-spanking-new and pre-loved containers, available in various sizes such as the hot-favorite 20-footer or its ampler cousin, the 40-footer.

Plus, they’re more than willing to deliver it to your doorstep or let you swing by to pick it up. While hunting for your ideal supplier, don’t forget to mull over their pricing, the condition of their containers, any offered modifications, and their delivery deal. The goal is to find a trustworthy company that’s an ultimate match for your specific shipping container desires.