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Shipping containers also called Storage ContainersCargo Containers, Conex Containers, intermodal containers, freight containers, and Conex boxes.

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**These are common shipping container sample with many color and it may not available in Kentucky.

Shipping containers in Kentucky

When you think of Kentucky, images of the majestic Appalachian Mountains, the historic Cumberland Gap, and the awe-inspiring Mammoth Cave National Park likely come to mind. Key highways like Interstates 64, 65, 75, and 71 crisscross this stunning landscape, often dotted with the sight of shipping containers being transported. These aren’t just boxes on wheels, they’re incredibly adaptable solutions for a variety of needs in Kentucky, especially given our unpredictable climate. With chilly winters brushing around freezing temperatures and summers that sizzle and sweat, our shipping containers offer a respite with their sturdy, mobile, and adaptable usage. 

Beyond their weather-resilience, these shipping containers wear many hats. have They been transformed into trendy portable offices and unique stores. After unfortunate disasters strike, these containers stand tall, providing much-needed housing solutions. They have even served as storage spaces, shouldering the burden of Kentucky’s extensive needs. The University of Kentucky and the Louisville Metro Government aren’t strangers to the benefits of these repurposed containers. 

Whether you’re nestled among the lush horse country’s rolling hills or perched high up in the Appalachian peaks, shipping containers are ready to serve your needs. Embrace their rugged durability and customizable space to suit your needs – be it for storage, business or personal spaces. Turn to shipping containers for robust capacity and enclosure solutions that truly meet Kentucky’s varied and changing demands.

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Shipping Container Transport Companies in Kentucky, KY

  • Kentucky Container Service is located at 6301 Geil Lane, Louisville, KY 40219. Established in 1978, they provide intermodal trucking and steamship depot services. They have container handlers and hydraulic tilt chassis to transport containers, and service industries like machinery, construction, food and beverage. Their office is about 10 miles from downtown Louisville.
  • Lifeline Transportation operates out of the same location as Kentucky Container Service in Louisville. They provide over-the-road trucking services and have flatbed trailers to transport containers quickly. Their Louisville office is near the Port of Louisville on the Ohio River.
  • Heavy Equipment Transport offers flatbed, tiltbed, and lowboy services to transport containers of all sizes in Kentucky. They are located at 8252 Port Rd, Louisville, KY 40258, right by the Port of Louisville. Their transport rates include loading/unloading assistance and are determined by factors like route and container size/weight.
  • Nationwide Transport Services provides customizable container shipping services in Kentucky. They have over 150,000 trucks nationwide and can coordinate routes and permits. Their office is located in Tampa, FL, but they operate container shipping to/from Kentucky and can provide quotes for transport services.
  • Heavy Haulers has over a decade of experience transporting heavy equipment and containers in Kentucky. They have flatbed, tiltbed, stepdeck and lowboy trailers suitable for moving containers. Though based in Florida, they coordinate transport services to/from locations across Kentucky.

Frequently Ask Questions for Cargo Containers For Sale Kentucky

In Kentucky, available shipping container sizes for purchase predominantly include the standard 20-foot and 40-foot lengths. The 20-foot containers measure 8 feet in width, 8.5 feet in height, and 20 feet in length, while the 40-foot containers maintain the same width and height but extend to 40 feet in length. You might have come across ‘high cube’ options when looking at shipping containers; these are a taller breed, standing at 9.5 feet. Let’s talk prices.

Generally, second-hand containers that are still in ship-shape, known as ‘cargo-worthy’, could set you back anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500, but this differs based on the size and condition of the container and where it’s located. Brand new containers? Those generally range from $3,000 to $9,500. Also, high cube containers usually cost a bit more. For example, in Louisville, KY, a 20ft standard container costs $1,700, a 40ft standard goes for $2,425, and a 40ft high cube is tagged at $2,450. But remember, all these numbers can change depending on container condition, custom tweaks, delivery expenses, the playing field of supply and demand, and local factors. 

When you’re comparing prices, don’t forget to consider the grade and condition of the container, the delivery terms, any warranties offered, and the reputation of the seller. If you’re sourcing containers in Kentucky, it’s worth your while to fill out a form and get up to five free quotes from reliable companies to get a clear picture of what your costs could look like.

Suppose you’re cruising Kentucky’s lanes, hunting for that perfect shipping container to buy. You’re in luck, mate! Your area is jam-packed with cargo container suppliers ready to make a deal. Whether you’re eyeing brand-spanking-new ones or pre-loved containers, these companies offer a whole spectrum of choices, from 20ft to a whopping 40ft sizes. And that’s not all – extras like delivery, rental, even custom fabrications are on the table.

But hey, don’t get too excited and forget the essentials – you’ve got to scout out the best prices, quality that won’t bail on you, delivery options, and customer service that actually serves! Oh, and definitely give those containers a once-over before buying – you want to ensure they’re up to snuff. Remember, a company worth its salt should be giving you a solid quality guarantee on their goods and services.