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Shipping containers also called Storage ContainersCargo Containers, Conex Containers, intermodal containers, freight containers, and Conex boxes.

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**These are common shipping container sample with many color and it may not available in Minnesota.

Shipping containers in Minnesota

Nestled in the Upper Midwest region of the United States, Minnesota shares its northern boundary with Canada. You might know this place for its iconic landmarks such as the gigantic Mall of America in Bloomington or the beautiful Voyageurs National Park at the edge of the Canadian frontier. Now, let’s talk about those robust shipping containers, you see often cruising through on the interstate highways 35, 90, and 94 that carve through the state. Given Minnesota’s fierce winters and extreme weather swings, these hardy containers, known for their robustness, prove to be the perfect solution for storage needs. 

Not just storage, these shipping containers are often repurposed as on-site offices at construction sites or even transformed into cozy tiny homes. The Twin Cities area, that’s Minneapolis and St. Paul for you, has been seeing a surge in creatively repurposed shipping container projects. Take, for example, local entrepreneurs Andy Berg and his wife who embraced these containers, turning them into studio spaces that they rent out to local artists. 

And as for Minnesota’s bitingly cold winters and the sweltering, humid summers, no worries! A properly insulated shipping container can combat those diverse weather conditions. It’s this versatility, easy transportability, and rugged resilience against harsh environmental conditions that make these shipping containers a go-to choice for a variety of needs around Minnesota.




Brooklyn Park




Maple Grove

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Shipping Container Transport Companies in Minnesota, MN

  • Heavy Equipment Transport is located in Minneapolis and offers reliable and efficient container moving services across Minnesota. Established in 1995, the company has a large fleet of flatbed trailers to transport containers of all sizes. They serve all major ports and terminals in the state, including the Port of Duluth which is 152 miles away.
  • Big Blue Intermodal Based in St. Paul, Big Blue Intermodal provides flexible intermodal transportation and container hauling services since 2011. They offer rail yard pickup and delivery at the Minneapolis/St. Paul terminals, located just 9 miles from their office. Big Blue transports containers across the Midwest region covering states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois.
  • Nationwide Transport Services Founded in 1999, Nationwide Transport Services is a Minneapolis-based shipping container transport provider serving ports like Duluth (152 miles) and Rochester (80 miles). They have a variety of trailers spread across Minnesota to move containers safely in a timely manner. Services include door to door, port to port, and warehouse to warehouse container shipping.
  • Koch Logistics Located in Minneapolis, Koch Logistics is an experienced logistics and container shipping company established in 2009. They provide intermodal services involving rail, truck, and ship transport. Koch offers customized solutions for container transport to major Minnesota ports and rail yards located within 30 miles.
  • Online Freight Services in Bloomington has over 25 years of expertise in arranging container transport services in Minnesota. Just 10 miles from downtown Minneapolis, they handle shipments for all container sizes and coordinate between different modes like rail, truck, and barge. Online Freight serves major regional ports like Duluth and Rochester.

Frequently Ask Questions for Cargo Containers For Sale Minnesota

When it comes to choosing a shipping container in Minnesota, whether it’s for storage, transport, or a creative project, there’s a smorgasbord of options at your fingertips. The most sought-after sizes tend to be 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft. Picture this – a 20ft container is 8ft wide and stands tall at 8ft 6in looking out across your lot, exactly the same height as a 40ft container that stretches twice as long across the ground. For those after a little more leg-room, you can step it up with options for 45ft and 53ft containers too. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all in the world of containers, your perfect match depends on what you need. Specialty containers are up for grabs – high cube (a.k.a super tall) containers, open side containers, flat rack containers, and even refrigerated ‘reefer’ containers for those Minnesota summers. These beauties can be found at various vendors who go the extra mile to cater to your specific needs. 

New or used? That’s a decision for you to make. There are the dashing new ‘one trip’ containers, fresh off a trip across the seas and then there’s the rugged charm of used containers graded ‘cargo worthy’ or ‘wind and water tight’. Buying a used container? Don’t forget to give it a thorough check for any damage such as leaks or holes. In the land of 10,000 lakes, the shipping container marketplace is thriving, offering a cornucopia of types and sizes, ready to be delivered right across the state.

If you’re scouring the Minnesota marketplace for shipping containers, there’s a whole host of local cargo container suppliers ready and waiting to cater to your needs. Among them is Tom Kraemer Inc., a noteworthy supplier with a hefty selection of containers primed and ready for use across the Upper Midwest.

Other heavy hitters in the industry, like Eveon Containers, USA Containers, Conex Depot, and Midwest Storage Containers, also have an impressive inventory of both new and used shipping containers in various sizes, ready to be shipped anywhere across Minnesota.

These robust, multipurpose containers are perfect for storage, cargo shipping, or even on construction sites. Touching base with a local shipping container supplier is the smartest way to snag a high-quality container at a reasonable price, with the added bonus of getting it delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in Minnesota.