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Shipping containers also called Storage ContainersCargo Containers, Conex Containers, intermodal containers, freight containers, and Conex boxes.

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**These are common shipping container sample with many color and it may not available in Virginia.

Shipping containers in Virginia

Stationed right on the Atlantic’s doorstep, Virginia boasts prime real estate for shipping container action. With key transport ways like Interstates 64, 66, 81, 95, and 295 crisscrossing the state, Virginia is a hot spot for these durable, multi-use steel boxes. Whether it’s facing down the steamy summer heat or standing firm against tornado-ripping winds, these containers rock solid weather resistance. Virginians are using these reclaimed shipping containers in mind-blowingly creative ways, from affordable homes to mobile workspaces, breathing new life into these steel giants. 

Have you caught wind of the Newport News Housing and Redevelopment Authority’s plan? They’re set to construct prototype homes from just shipping containers, aiming to tackle the affordable housing issue in a fresh, inventive way. And these containers aren’t just becoming houses, they’re showing up on farms, construction sites, and even event locations, marking their territory in these high-demand spaces with their renowned durability and flexibility. 

Let’s talk ports – specifically the Port of Virginia. This key portal for international trade provides a seamless link between sea-bearing vessels, railroads, and road haulage to make transport of these containers a breeze, both domestically and beyond. The possibilities are limitless with these mighty shipping containers. From offering practical solutions to everyday storage problems, the creation of usable workspaces, to constructing affordable housing, they empower businesses and upcoming innovators in Virginia, to elevate their game to another level. 













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Shipping Container Transport Companies in Virginia, VA

  • Container Movers provides unique transport solutions for efficiently and safely loading, moving and delivering shipping containers in Virginia. Located statewide, they utilize sidelifter mobile cranes, landolls and portable cranes to offer door-to-door container transport. Established date not available.
  • Shipping Container Bay sells and rents shipping containers and chassis in Virginia. They also provide container storage, office containers, specialty containers, and container lifting and transport services using sideloader trucks and bison jacks. Exact location and established date not available.
  • Ceres Terminals operates at the Port of Virginia terminals in Norfolk, handling over 600,000 containers annually. Located at 901 Port Centre Parkway Suite 10 Portsmouth, VA 23704, they have offered shipping container and ocean freight services in Virginia since an unspecified date.
  • Old Dominion Freight Line founded in 1934 in Richmond, Virginia, Old Dominion Freight Line transports goods via trucks and trailers. Headquartered in Thomasville, North Carolina, they operate over 5,800 tractors and 22,500 trailers, including in Virginia.
  • American President Lines founded in 1848 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, is a shipping company subsidiary that provides container shipping services worldwide using ships, trains and trucks.

Frequently Ask Questions for Cargo Containers For Sale Virginia

If you’re in Virginia and in the market for a shipping container, you’ll typically find the 20-foot and 40-foot sizes readily available. These come in a standard height of 8 feet 6 inches or a high cube height of 9 feet 6 inches for that extra vertical space. Some suppliers may also offer unique sizes like 10-foot, 45-foot, 48-foot, and 53-foot containers, but their availability can be hit-or-miss.

As for condition, you can opt for a sparkling new container or go for a used one. Be aware though, used containers come with different wear and tear levels, typically tiered as cargo-worthy (meaning wind and watertight), as-is, or salvage grade. Prices can vary dramatically, anywhere from $1,000 to a hefty $5,000, depending on aspects like size, grade level, and additional factors.

And here’s a pro tip: When planning to buy a shipping container in Virginia, don’t just settle at the first quote. Shop around and compare prices from different suppliers to ensure you bag the best deal. Lastly, don’t forget to factor in delivery fees, as they can significantly increase the overall cost and should be included in your budget and decision-making process.

If you’re on the hunt for shipping containers that are up for grabs, Virginia is your go-to place. It’s buzzing with cargo container suppliers for those interested in buying or even just renting containers. Some of the hotspots to check out include Norfolk, renowned for its major port that becomes a hub for export and import of goods. Then there’s Richmond, with its port on the James River and an inland port well connected by rail, ready to receive containers. 

Don’t forget about the Virginia Port Authority either, which operates substantial container terminals in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, and Front Royal. Each of these spots offers impressive on-dock rail access and an ample amount of warehouse space specifically for container storage. So, Virginia is indeed a treasure chest when it comes to finding shipping containers for sale or rent.