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Shipping containers also called Storage ContainersCargo Containers, Conex Containers, intermodal containers, freight containers, and Conex boxes.

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Common Shipping Containers Size and Type in Kansas

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**These are common shipping container sample with many color and it may not available in Kansas.

Shipping containers in Kansas

Think of Kansas, the heartland of America, nestled between Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado. You’ll find a system of highways, like I-35, I-70, I-135 and I-335, as well as U.S. Highways like 24, 36, 50, 54, and 56 crossing this vibrant state. These take you straight to bustling cities like Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City. But that’s not all – Kansas has a pretty dramatic continental climate, shifting from icy winters to sweltering summers. Springtime even brings its fair share of storms and tornadoes! 

This is precisely where shipping containers come into play. They are perfect for storing your stuff, setting up a living space, or transporting your goods through Kansas’s diverse landscapes. The best part? Used shipping containers have now turned into trendy cafes, cozy tiny homes, and eye-catching pop-up shops in hip towns like Lawrence and Junction City.  It’s their travel-friendly design, solid security features, and adaptive nature that makes them a handy tool for Kansas’s farming, ranching and transport sectors. 

And guess what Kansas also offers? Plenty of open spaces and pretty lax zoning laws outside of its major cities. So it’s open season for anyone looking to do something innovative with shipping containers!









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Shipping Container Transport Companies in Kansas, KS

  • Nationwide Transport Located in Kansas City, established in 2009. They offer container shipping services using cranes and specialized trailers to transport containers for businesses across Kansas and the US. Services include door-to-port and port-to-port shipping.
  • American Freight Inc Located in Kansas City, they provide complete trucking and freight brokerage services for container transport in Kansas. They coordinate routes and permits for container shipping.
  • Bold Transportation Located 1026 Hickory St, Kansas City. They provide local and long distance freight hauling and container transport services in the Kansas City area.
  • Roll On Transportation Located in Kansas City. They offer container hauling and shipping services for businesses in Kansas. Customers have praised their service and reasonable rates.
  • Chemetron Railway Products A subsidiary of Progress Rail Services located in Kansas City. They are a large provider of rail products and can assist with container transport to rail lines and intermodal ports.

Frequently Ask Questions for Cargo Containers For Sale Kansas

In Kansas, the prevalent shipping container sizes available for purchase encompass the 20-foot standard (20ft long x 8ft wide x 8.5ft tall), the 40-foot standard (40ft long x 8ft wide x 8.5ft tall), and the 40-foot high cube (40ft long x 8ft wide x 9.5ft tall). Additionally, less common sizes such as 10-foot, 45-foot, and 53-foot containers might be accessible.

If you’re in the market for a shipping container, you’re probably wondering about pricing. Well, it varies a lot, but it’s mostly dependent on things like the size, whether it’s been used before, any changes you want, where you live, and how much the delivery is going to cost. Just to give you an idea, if you’re buying a used shipping container in Kansas, you’re looking at anything from $750 for a 20-footer to a hefty $2,500 for a taller 40-foot container.

Brand new ones? They could put you back somewhere between $1,600 and $6,900 or even more. But don’t just go for the first quote you get – it’s worth getting prices from three to five different companies before you make your choice. Remember to check that you’ve got enough space for getting the container off the truck too. And if all this sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry – we’re here to help you figure it all out. Looks like you’ve got an exciting project ahead!

On the hunt for shipping containers in the Kansas area? Look no further. Sourcing a reliable provider is as easy as reaching out to one of the many cargo container suppliers in the vicinity. Known for their specialization in the sale of shipping and storage containers, companies like Conex Depot may have just what you need – be it for storage purposes, construction work, or even a remodeling project. You’ll find a diverse range of container sizes and grades on offer. 

Alternatively, you could give Pelican Containers a try. They have a distribution center nestled right here in Kansas City and a plethora of quality used containers up for grabs. Similarly, Harper Steel is yet another name that enjoys a good rap. They partner with a host of distributors to ensure smooth delivery of containers throughout Kansas. 

The gist is, whether you’re interested in purchasing or just renting, there are ample opportunities for both scattered across Kansas. Shipping container solutions are closer to home than you think.