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Shipping containers also called Storage ContainersCargo Containers, Conex Containers, intermodal containers, freight containers, and Conex boxes.

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Common Shipping Containers Size and Type in Utah

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10ft Shipping Containers

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40ft Shipping Containers

**These are common shipping container sample with many color and it may not available in Utah.

Shipping containers in Utah

Located in the wild west of the United States and sharing borders with idyllic states like Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada, Utah is a prime spot for shipping container movement. Highways such as Interstates 15 and 80, along with State Route 201, snake their way through the region, converging near the bustling Salt Lake City. The climatic variations Utah experiences, ranging from snow-kissed chilly winters to scorching, dry summer days, make shipping containers an ideal storage solution. These robust structures can take on all seasons without as much as a squeak. 

Residents often find innovative uses for these containers beyond traditional storage. They can double up as construction offices, material storage facilities, or even get a trendy makeover into cool tiny houses. Want a real-life example? Check out the Yard, a food hall in Salt Lake City that has several shipping containers transformed into mini restaurant stalls, and the Zion Tiny House hotel near Springdale, which features enchanting tiny homes made from shipping containers. 

The vast landscapes and increasing population of Utah certainly offer vast prospects to leverage these durable and portable shipping containers inventively. Their mix of adaptability and resistance to varying atmospheres without a doubt make them a sound option in this fascinating state.

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Shipping Container Transport Companies in Utah, UT

  • Container Movers provides intermodal transport solutions for shipping containers in Utah using sidelifter mobile cranes, landolls, and portable cranes. Located in South Ogden near Salt Lake City, they efficiently pick up and deliver loaded containers for residential and commercial customers across the state. Established in 1993.
  • Craters & Freighters Salt Lake City is located in Salt Lake City and provides packing, crating, and worldwide shipping services to businesses and residents in Utah. Opened in 1994, they offer specialty crating and packaging solutions to safely transport valuable items.
  • Rocky Mountain Movers provides local and long distance moving services in Provo, UT. Established in 1997, they have over 20 years of experience safely and efficiently moving households and offices. They offer packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking services.
  • Nationwide Transport Services transports shipping containers of all sizes in St. George and across Utah. In business since 1999, they dispatch containers on suitable trailers using cranes for safe loading/unloading. Services are door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, and port-to-port.
  • Great Western Transport Located in Midvale, UT, Great Western Transport provides flatbed, rolloff, and hotshot shipping services since 2001. They specialize in moving shipping containers and have dedicated drivers to transport freight and containers safely and reliably across Utah.

Frequently Ask Questions for Cargo Containers For Sale Utah

If you’re in Utah and looking to buy or lease a shipping container, you’re in luck. There’s a wide range of sizes to suit your every need. Do you need something on the compact side? Take a look at the 10-foot container. It’s 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet tall on the exterior and has an interior length of about 9 feet 4 inches. It’s perfect for smaller storage needs. 

Now if you need something a bit more substantial, consider the 20-footer. It gives you a good amount of space without being too oversized, with exterior measurements of 20 feet length, 8 feet width, and 8.5 feet height. The interior gives you around 19 feet 4 inches of storage length. 

Then, you have your big guys, the 40-foot containers. Exactly double the size of the 20-foot container, the 40-footer is immense and will provide ample room for storage. And for those with ambitious needs, there’s also the 40-foot and 45-foot high cubes. They’re the same length as their namesake, but with an addition of extra height – standing tall at 9.5 feet. 

Whether you prefer a fresh-off-the-lot model or a budget-friendly used container, Utah’s got you covered.  Plus, customization options like additional doors, windows, ventilation, and insulation are also available. Pricing can vary greatly, but to give you an idea, a used, basic small container starts at around $1,500 and a large, new, custom container can cost more than $5,000, including delivery fees. 

For the most precise prices and potential customizations, get yourself a quote from a reputable website specializing in shipping containers. These sites connect you with experts who can provide competitive quotes from local suppliers. This way, you’re guaranteed to find the container that’s perfect for your needs at the best price possible.

Looking to snap up some shipping containers in Utah? We’ve got you covered. Link up with reliable cargo container suppliers for the best deals around. Major cities teeming with top-notch suppliers include Salt Lake City – home to big names like Western Container Sales, Eveon Containers, and Conex Depot. But wait, there’s more! You can uncover hidden treasures in Park City, St. George, Moab, Logan, you name it! 

Before splurging, take a pause. Ponder over key logistics like how close you are to vital transport hubs. Being near airports, seaports, and railyards could be a game-changer. Fun fact: Salt Lake City International Airport and multiple, bustling railyards run by Union Pacific ensure stellar connectivity for distributing containers bought in the Salt Lake City area. 

One nifty tip: Always compare delivery rates and options from local container suppliers. This could make all the difference when deciding where to make your final purchase within Utah. We know making these decisions isn’t easy, but we’re confident you’ve got this!