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The 53ft shipping containers are also known as Storage Containers, Intermodal Containers, Cargo Containers, Conex Containers, Freight Containers, Conex Boxes, and other terms.

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53 Foot Shipping Container Dimensions and Types Specifications

TypeStandard 53ft ContainerHigh Cube 53ft Container
External Length53 ft (16.15 m)53 ft (16.15 m)
External Width8.6 ft (2.59 m)8.6 ft (2.59 m)
External Height9.6 ft (2.89 m)9.6 ft (2.89 m)
Internal Length52.6 ft (16.03 m)52.6 ft (16.03 m)
Internal Width8.2 ft (2.50 m)8.2 ft (2.50 m)
Internal Height8.9 ft (2.71 m)9.9 ft (3.02 m)
Door Opening Width8.2 ft (2.50 m)8.2 ft (2.50 m)
Door Opening Height8.9 ft (2.71 m)9.9 ft (3.02 m)
Tare WeightApprox. 13,880 lbs (6,300 kg)Approx. 14,220 lbs (6,450 kg)
Payload CapacityApprox. 65,000 lbs (29,500 kg)Approx. 64,600 lbs (29,300 kg)
Volume CapacityApprox. 3,850 cu ft (109 m³)Approx. 4,210 cu ft (119 m³)
Floor SpaceApprox. 432 sq ft (40 m²)Approx. 432 sq ft (40 m²)

* Note: The specifications might slightly vary depending on the manufacturer and the condition of the container. This is just an estimate, and it may not be accurate in some circumstances.

About 53ft Storage Containers

There are several common types of 53ft storage containers available, including cargo-worthy, used, and one-trip containers. Cargo-worthy 53ft containers are ideal for domestic transportation as they are sturdy and weatherproof. Though used, these containers are still structurally sound and can securely store goods for shipping or storage purposes. One-trip 53ft containers are brand new but are only built to withstand a single trip, so they tend to be less expensive. Used 53ft containers are the most affordable option but may have more wear and tear. The main benefits of 53ft storage containers compared to smaller sizes like 40ft and 45ft are the extra interior space and storage capacity. With 60% more volume than a 40ft container, a single 53ft container can often replace multiple smaller containers, consolidating shipments. This maximizes cargo loads and provides cost savings. The wider interior dimensions also accommodate large, heavy equipment like cars, boats, and machinery that may not fit well in narrower containers. Before choosing a 53-foot container, you should think about what you want to use it for, how much you can spend, and what condition you want it to be in. Cargo-worthy and used containers provide the most value, while new one-trip containers are best for one-time storage or shipping needs. Proper inspection and maintenance are recommended to ensure these large containers remain structurally sound.

Common Uses of 53 Foot Shipping Containers

Shipping containers, once solely used for transportation, have found innovative applications in various sectors. In Indianapolis, the trend of repurposing these robust steel structures is gaining momentum. Here are two well-known examples of shipping container uses in the city.

Commercial Kitchen

A 53 foot shipping container can be converted into a commercial kitchen. The advantages of this are that all the necessary equipment can be fitted into a compact space. Everything is contained in one durable and portable shell. Examples of container commercial kitchens are food trucks, popup restaurants, and catering operations. The mobility allows food businesses to relocate easily.



Shipping containers provide a customizable shell to outfit a workshop or workspace. A 53 foot container allows ample room for workbenches, storage, and tools while still being portable. Examples of workshops include woodworking, metal fabrication, auto repair, and artists’ studios. The advantage is having a durable structure that can be relocated.

Frequently Asked Questions

New 53ft containers cost $10,000-$25,000. Used containers in good condition typically cost $1,795-$8,299. For an accurate price, fill out a form and get quotes to compare prices.

No, 53ft containers are too long to stack. 40ft containers are the longest that can be stacked. 53ft containers are designed for domestic ground transportation by rail or truck

53ft containers are for domestic use only. Overseas shipping requires international standard sized containers 20ft and 40ft long. 53ft containers are too large for ships.