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Common Shipping Containers Size in Dayton, OH

These are common shipping containers in Dayton, OH

10ft Shipping Containers For Sale in this city

10ft Shipping Containers

20ft Shipping Containers For Sale in city

20ft Shipping Containers

40ft Shipping Containers For Sale in city

40ft Shipping Containers

**These are common shipping container sample with many color and it may not avaibale in your area.

About Shipping containers Dayton, OH

Delivery Areas And ZipCode in Dayton, Ohio

Shipping containers delivery Dayton OH

Highview Hills, Five Oaks, Wright View, Kittyhawk, Princeton Heights, Oregon, Miami Chapel, Historic Inner East, Northridge Estates, Forest Ridge – Quail Hollow, Burkhardt, Eastern Hills, McCook Field, Dayton View Triangle, Carillon, McPherson, Hearthstone, Arlington Heights, Linden Heights, DeWeese, Belmont, Grafton Hill, College Hill, Lakeview, Pheasant Hill, Northern Hills, Little Richmond, Germantown Meadows, Greenwich Village, Hillcrest, Madden Hills, Wright-Dunbar, Gateway, Downtown, Residence Park, Fairview, Pineview, Cornell Heights, Patterson Park, Kettering, Old Dayton View, Edgemont, Philadelphia Woods, MacFarlane, Eastmont, Kenilworth, Mount Vernon, North Riverdale, Wolf Creek, Fairlane & more**.

45481, 45412, 45344, 45470, 45409, 45345, 45402, 45430, 45433, 45322, 45342, 45424, 45415, 45431, 45422, 45432, 45405, 45439, 45416, 45449, 45428, 45429, 45420, 45435, 45423, 45490, 45414, 45458, 45469, 45448, 45437, 45475, 45413, 45482, 45426, 45441, 45390, 45404, 45377, 45417, 45403, 45419, 45401, 45479, 45406, 45440, 45459, 45434, 45325, 45410 & more**.

**Shipping container availability in a particular location is not always guaranteed. Availability is determined by demand and suppliers in the Dayton, OH area

Frequently Ask Questions for Cargo Containers For Sale Dayton, OH

The price of shipping containers in Dayton can vary depending on several factors, including container size, condition, features, and delivery fees. Standard 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers typically range from around $1,700 to $5,500 or more. Prices tend to be around the national average for the Dayton area. To get accurate and up-to-date price quotes for your specific needs in the Dayton area, please fill out the request form to receive quotes from up to 5 pre-qualified local suppliers. Providing details on your requirements will allow them to give you precise pricing information. Their team of experts will be able to find you the best shipping container solution to fit your budget.

To find current pricing and availability of shipping containers, we would be happy to assist you in connecting with up to 5 suppliers to compare quotes. Please fill out the request form with your specifications, and we will coordinate with reputable local companies that offer both new and used containers. They will provide customized quotes based on your needs – whether you require a standard 20 or 40 foot container, high cube, refrigerated, or specialty container. The companies have experience working with both businesses and individuals in Dayton to deliver the ideal storage or transport solution. We look forward to assisting you further with getting quotes for shipping containers tailored to your specific requirements in the Dayton area. Please reach out with any other questions!

When deciding between buying or renting shipping containers in Dayton, consider your timeline and budget. Renting can be more affordable short-term, with monthly costs starting around $100, but buying becomes cheaper long-term after about 2 years of renting. Buying also allows custom modifications like shelving. However, renting means avoiding large upfront costs and responsibility for maintenance and disposal. If needing storage for a move or renovation, renting is likely better. For long-term, repeated use buying may save money. Also consider if you’ll resell a purchased container later to recover costs. Think through your specific storage needs and timeline to decide if renting or buying better suits your situation in Dayton.

In Dayton, OH, the available sizes for shipping containers primarily include 20ft and 40ft options. The cost of these containers varies based on their condition, size, and features. Typically, a new 40ft container may cost between $2,700 and $2,800, while a used one in cargo-worthy condition ranges from $2,000 to $2,500. Rental rates start at approximately $155 to $215 per month. The pricing is influenced by factors such as whether the container is new or used, its size, standard or high cube options, and the number of doors it has. Additionally, delivery fees, starting at $100 for one-way drop-off, also affect the total cost. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it’s advisable to obtain quotes directly from suppliers in Dayton by specifying your exact requirements.

If you are looking for a place to buy shipping containers in Dayton area, you can connect with up to cargo container supplier in your area to purchase shipping containers. There are several companies in the Dayton, Ohio area that sell new and used shipping containers. Some of the top suppliers are Volvo Rents, United Rentals, Guardian Freight, and Contain-It Mobile Storage. These companies offer standard 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers as well as 10 ft and high cube options. The containers can be purchased new, used, or rented. Delivery is usually available for an additional fee. When shopping for a shipping container, be sure to compare prices and conditions between suppliers to get the best option for your needs. Connecting with local companies is the easiest way to buy quality shipping containers in the Dayton region.

Shipping container Type in Dayton, OH

  • Intermediate Bulk Shift Containers
  • Refrigerated ISO Containers
  • Open Side Storage Container
  • Drums
  • Swap Bodies
  • Open Top Container
  • Car Carriers
  • Flat Rack Container
  • Double Doors Container
  • Tanks
  • Insulated or Thermal Containers
  • Dry Storage Container
  • Cargo Storage Roll Container
  • Tunnel Container
  • Half Height Containers
  • Special Purpose Containers

Shipping Container Prices in Dayton, OH

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Shipping Container Delivery Companies in Dayton, OH

  • Quality Inspection & Containment Specializes in sorting and containment services. Provides reliable shipping container transport in Dayton area.
  • Banthrax Corporation A shipping container transport company located in Dayton, OH. No further details available.
  • Old Dominion Freight Line A leading less-than-truckload freight company. Offers premium freight transport services at a fair price in Dayton area. Accepts major credit cards or invoicing.
  • Gem City Delivery A subsidiary of FedEx Corporation providing freight transportation and shipping services in Dayton. Accepts major cards or invoicing.
  • Nationwide Transport Offers freight shipping, heavy hauling, vehicle transport, and storage services in Dayton. Accepts major cards, PayPal, cash or check.
  • American Freight Inc Complete trucking and freight brokerage service with over 100 years combined industry experience. Offers services in Dayton area. Accepts major cards or invoicing.
  • Englewood Truck Towing & Recovery Provides heavy equipment and shipping container hauling services in Dayton using flatbed, Landoll, and lowboy trailers.