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Shipping Containers For Sale in Chicago, Illinois

Shipping/ Storage Containers For Sale In Chicago, Illinois

Shipping containers offer a great solution for storage and housing needs in Chicago. The demand for containers is high due to the city’s position as a major transportation hub. Chicago’s climate brings cold winters with snow, so insulation and structural enhancements are important considerations for container homes. The usual regulations for building and zoning apply to container structures. Containers provide affordable and customizable housing options. They can be adapted into modern homes and apartments with full amenities. Their modular nature allows creative configurations. Structurally they are durable, energy efficient, and fast to construct compared to traditional buildings. Various companies offer new and used containers in all standard sizes like 20ft and 40ft models. Common conditions are new, cargo-worthy, and wind/water-tight. Containers can also be modified by adding doors, windows, electrical, HVAC, and more. In Chicago, containers have been used for popup shops, cafes, community spaces, urban farms, and storage. Entire container home subdivisions are planned for the south side. Containers are also utilized at construction sites and for moving and storage. With containers gaining popularity, the market provides competitive pricing and financing options

**These images credit goes to Ryan Mountjoy, Vanessa Elias, Otto Lopez.

Popular Shipping Containers Uses in Chicago, Illinois

Backyard Fresh Farms

Shipping containers in Chicago are being upcycled into vertical hydroponic farms. Local company Backyard Fresh Farms has a pilot farm housed in a 2,000 square foot shipping container at The Plant, a food business incubator in an old meatpacking factory. The farm uses a hydroponic system where plants grow vertically on stacked levels under LED grow lights. Cameras monitor the plants and automatically adjust the temperature, nutrients, and lighting to optimize growth. This urban farming model allows significant food production in a small footprint. The container farm currently grows lettuce but has capacity for many other crops like herbs and tomatoes. Their business model sells primarily to nearby restaurants that value having a local source.

Super Bad

Shipping containers have become an increasingly popular building material for homes in Chicago. One notable example is a luxury modern home built from seven shipping containers in the South Side neighborhood of Bronzeville. The 3,200 square foot home nicknamed “Super Bad” was constructed by a local construction company run by a husband and wife team. They spent three years converting the used shipping containers into a unique three bedroom, three and a half bathroom residence. The corrugated steel containers were welded together and stacked to form the structure. Large windows and glass doors were cut into the sides to allow natural light..

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Shipping Container Chicago, Illinois

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Shipping/ Cargo Containers For Sale Chicago, Illinois

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Advantage Structures Chicago, Illinois

Advantage Structures offers a robust selection of customization options for shipping containers, ensuring that unique needs are met with a perfect score of 10 in consideration. Whether you’re looking for multi-story or single-level configurations, they provide an impressive variety with an 8 out of 10 score. They excel in providing onsite storage and office space for construction sites, both rated at 9. Their containers aren’t just functional; they can be tailored inside and out, scoring a 7 for custom interiors and exteriors.

For those concerned with accessibility, Advantage Structures presents a range of door options, including roll-up doors and secure entries, earning a high score of 9. They also cater to specialized needs such as fire rescue training structures, rated at 6, and offer event-ready containers complete with audio-visual systems, scoring an 8.

Their sales department boasts a diverse inventory of new and used containers, meriting a top score of 10, and invites clients to explore their portfolio, which also impresses with an 8. Serving the Chicago area and the greater Midwest, they score a 7 for their service area reach. Affordability is a key benefit, as their solutions are highly cost-effective, reflected in a top score of 10.

Membership in the National Portable Storage Association underscores their commitment to the industry with a score of 6. Their contact information and business hours, rated at 5 and 4 respectively, ensure customers can reach them conveniently. As a one-stop shop with a score of 9, they handle all aspects of modifications, sales, and rentals, prioritizing customer satisfaction. They adhere to high-quality standards, scoring an 8, and provide excellent customer support, rated at 7, to assist with inquiries and quotes.

Container Sales Group Chicago, Illinois

Container Sales Group stands out as a women-owned company, boasting over a quarter-century of experience in the industry, reflected in a perfect consideration score of 10. Their customer base is diverse, including Fortune 500 companies, construction firms, and individual clients, earning a high score of 9. The company offers a variety of products, dealing in both new and used shipping containers, with a solid score of 8. They cater to various needs with container sizes of 20′, 40′, and 45′, both standard and high cube, also scoring an 8.

The range extends to specialized containers like double door, open side, and open top, which have a score of 6. Container Sales Group’s pricing is competitive and affordable, meriting a score of 9, and they assure quality with a water/wind tight guarantee, scoring another 9. Delivery is professional and punctual, rated at 8, and their customer service is deemed exceptional with a top score of 10.

Clients benefit from a single point of contact, ensuring personalized service with a score of 7. The containers are versatile, suitable for storage, construction, retail or office spaces, and even homes, scoring an 8. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with an 8 in consideration. While container accessories are available, they score a 6, indicating room for expansion.

Container Sales Group serves customers nationwide across the USA, scoring an 8 for their broad reach. Their commitment to social responsibility is shown through donations from proceeds, which is given a score of 5. Their social media presence is active, rated at 4, suggesting engagement with their audience. Multiple contact options, including phone and contact form, ensure accessibility, scoring a 7. They also offer a newsletter for updates on inventory, pricing, and container news, with a score of 4. The company’s reputation is bolstered by high ratings on Google (4.9/5) and Facebook (5/5).

Illinois Shipping Containers Chicago, Illinois

Illinois Shipping Containers Co. earns top marks for its company reputation and service area, both scoring a perfect 10, indicating their strong presence across the entire state of Illinois. They offer a range of products, including both new and used shipping containers, which receive a high consideration score of 9. Customers can choose from 20-foot and 40-foot containers, with these options also rated at 9.

The company provides a spectrum of quality options, from new ‘One Trip’ containers to various grades of used containers, all of which meet a high-quality standard with a score of 10. They collaborate with local delivery companies to ensure containers reach any location in Illinois, scoring an 8 for delivery services. Container dimensions are versatile, including both standard and high cube options in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes, which also score an 8.

Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, reflected in a score of 9. Illinois Shipping Containers Co. caters to a broad range of applications for contractors, retailers, and more, scoring a 7 in this category. They guarantee weathertight containers, backed by warranties, scoring an 8 for this assurance.

Payment methods are diverse, accepting major credit cards, PayPal, and checks, with a score of 6, indicating a good range of options. Delivery space requirements are specific, needing 75 feet of clearance for 20-foot containers and 100 feet for 40-foot containers, which scores a 5, suggesting that some planning is necessary for delivery.

Lead times are reasonable, with used containers delivered in 5-7 business days and new containers in 1-4 weeks, while rush delivery is available within 1-3 days, scoring a 7 for efficiency. Customer support is robust, offering phone support, request forms, and email, scoring an 8. The company’s reputation for quality and service is further solidified by a stellar Google rating of 5/5.

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