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Common Shipping Containers Size in Irvine, CA

These are common shipping containers in Irvine, CA

10ft Shipping Containers For Sale in this city

10ft Shipping Containers

20ft Shipping Containers For Sale in city

20ft Shipping Containers

40ft Shipping Containers For Sale in city

40ft Shipping Containers

**These are common shipping container sample with many color and it may not avaibale in your area.

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Delivery Areas And ZipCode in Irvine, California

Shipping containers delivery Irvine CA

University Town Center, Northwood Pointe, Stonegate, Woodbury Village Center, Westpark, Quail Hill, Turtle Ridge, University Park, Shady Canyon, Oak Creek South, Racquet Club West, Walnut, Los Olivos, Brywood, Canyon View, Woodbridge, Northwood, Rancho San Joaquin, Windwood, Orchard Hills, Irvine Spectrum, West Irvine, Turtle Rock, College Park, Woodbury East, Parkside, Portola Springs, Cypress Village West, Racquet Club East, Northwood Point, Plaza Square, Eastwood, Culverdale, The Village of Northwood, Westwood Basics, Tustin Ranch, Yale Loop, Zotz Road, Santiago Hills, The Groves, Deerfield, Vista Verde, The Village of Woodbury, Woodbury, Belcourt, Greentree, Cypress Village, The Ranch, Jeffrey Open Space Trail, Irvine Station & more**.

92697, 92705, 92701, 92863, 92606, 92709, 92857, 92614, 92865, 92869, 92806, 92630, 92623, 92618, 92698, 92859, 92604, 92856, 92780, 92781, 92867, 92612, 92620, 92782, 92617, 92864, 92711, 92619, 92710, 92602, 92616, 92862, 92735, 92866, 92725, 92610, 92650, 92861 & more**.

**Shipping container availability in a particular location is not always guaranteed. Availability is determined by demand and suppliers in the Irvine, CA area

Frequently Ask Questions for Cargo Containers For Sale Irvine, CA

When you invest in a shipping container in Irvine, you gain access to affordable, sturdy, and customizable storage space. Containers are available in many sizes, from 10 to 40 feet, which means you can select a size that fits your specific need. They are made of solid steel, ensuring optimum security against theft and extreme weather conditions. Containers are also modifiable! You can add insulation, electricity, shelves, and more to meet your unique needs. Additionally, the containers can be relocated around your property with ease. Looking at it from a sustainability angle, you are giving new life to old containers. You also have the option to rent out containers when they’re not in use, creating a steady stream of income. With more control and convenience than traditional storage options, shipping containers are the ultimate storage solution for homes and businesses in Irvine.

Renting shipping containers in Irvine offers flexibility, as you can get a container delivered for short-term use then returned when no longer needed. Monthly rental rates typically range from $70-215 depending on size. Buying containers in Irvine provides long-term storage and ownership. A used 20 ft container sells for around $1,800 while a new one costs approximately $2,400. Additional expenses like delivery or customization apply to both rental and purchases. Consider length of use, budget, and customization needs when deciding between renting and buying an Irvine shipping container.

The most readily available shipping containers in Irvine are of the 10, 20, and 40-foot steel ISO variety, which are commonly used for storage, construction sites, commercial spaces, and even residential properties. These come in several types – standard, high cube, refrigerated, insulated, and customized office versions. There are numerous companies, such as Aztec Containers, On-Site Storage Solutions, Container Alliance,,, and Southwest Mobile Storage that offer new and used shipping containers in Irvine, available for sale or rent at prices that vary depending on size, condition, and included features.

Once you’ve bought your shipping container, transporting it to your desired location in Irvine, California can be handled by truck, ship, or rail. Established trucking companies such as Nationwide Transport Services provide safe transportation for containers of all sizes, whether within California or across the country. The Port of Los Angeles is also a great passage for container cargo heading to or from Irvine. Companies like Heavy Equipment Transport take on the job of securing permits, planning efficient routes, and coordinating timely truck transportation to and from the ports. Local providers like Southwest Mobile Storage and Ryeit Transport offer their services to rent, sell, and modify containers in Irvine to be used for storage, office spaces, or other custom purposes.

Selling shipping containers in Irvine may not be as simple as buying. Crucial factors such as the visibility of your location and available space for showcasing different container types and conditions can make a difference. Advertising your inventory online through classified ads and platforms like the Container Alliance strengthens visibility and draws customers to your stock. Leveraging network opportunities at local home shows and business expos can help connect with potential buyers. Providing exceptional customer service and flexible delivery options can significantly enhance your competitive edge. You might also want to consider collaborations with moving and storage companies for regular referrals. The student population at UC Irvine presents a demand for affordable, customizable housing options that can be met with adapted shipping containers. The adoption of these strategies will undeniably boost your container sales in Irvine.

If you’re shopping for shipping containers around the Irvine area, there are several suppliers you can connect with. Companies like Aztec Shipping Containers specialize in supplying containers to Irvine residents — ensuring that you find the perfect container for your needs. Alternatively, you can find and compare prices on new and used shipping containers on XRefer. EFGA Containers offers new and used containers in Irvine for both buying and renting. They boast a vast selection of 10′, 20′, 30′, and 40′ containers, perfect for on-site storage. Furthermore, Container Alliance provides a comprehensive array of container sales, rental, and leasing solutions for residents in Irvine. Their team of shipping container professionals will seamlessly guide you in finding the perfect container to meet your needs.

Shipping container Type in Irvine, CA

  • Tank Container
  • High Cube Container
  • Flat Rack Container
  • Refrigerated Container
  • Open Top Container
  • Specialized Container
  • Double Door Container
  • Side Loader Container
  • Dry Storage Container
  • Open Side Storage Container
  • Insulated or Thermal Container
  • Car Carrier Container
  • Intermediate Bulk Shift Container
  • Swap Body Container
  • Tunnel Container
  • Half-Height Container

Shipping Container Prices in Irvine, CA

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Shipping Container Delivery Companies in Irvine, CA

  • Ryeit Transport offers shipping container sales and transportation services in Irvine, CA. They provide new and used containers with delivery and relocation options.
  • Affordable Towing provides 24/7 emergency towing services and can transport shipping containers using specialized equipment. Friendly and affordable.
  • Craters & Freighters Orange County is a packing, crating and shipping company serving Irvine. They ship fragile and high-value items domestically and internationally.
  • Nationwide Transport Services transports shipping containers of all sizes within California and across the country. Reliable flatbed trucking and crane services.
  • American Freight Inc provides complete trucking and freight broker services including shipping, hauling and logistics solutions for businesses.
  • Heavy Equipment Transport executes reliable and quality container moves in California with on-time delivery. Intermodal, drayage and standard container shipping services.