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Common Shipping Containers Size in Mesa, AZ

These are common shipping containers in Mesa, AZ

10ft Shipping Containers For Sale in this city

10ft Shipping Containers For Sale

20ft Shipping Containers For Sale in city

20ft Shipping Containers For Sale

40ft Shipping Containers For Sale in city

40ft Shipping Containers For Sale

**These are common shipping container sample with many color and it may not avaibale in your area.

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Delivery Areas And ZipCode in Mesa, Arizona

Shipping containers delivery Mesa AZ

Legacy, Parkwood Ranch, Enclave at Eastmark, Hampton Gardens, Falcon Field, Longbow, Superstition Springs Center, Red Mountain, Dobson Ranch, Superstition Vistas, Val Vista Village, Pepperwood Grove, Superstition Springs, Fountain Place, Pinnacle Peak, Los Altos, Lehi, Las Sendas, Highland Ranch, Fiesta, Sonoran Heights, East Valley Institute of Technology, Villages at Eastmark, Las Palmaritas, Mesa Del Sol, Red Mountain Ranch, Val Vista Lakes, Mountain Bridge, Williams Field, Stapley Acres, Park Place, Viewpoint, Northgrove, Stonegate, Superstition Bend, Country Club/Fremont, Pueblo Gardens, San Tan Heights, Whispering Hills Estates, Sonoran Village, Marlborough Mesa, Playa Del Norte, Oasis at Elliot and Lindsay, Riverview, Laguna Seca, Eastmark, Vista Del Sol, Mesa Grande, Val Vista Lakes, Sunland Village East & more**.

85203, 85346, 85284, 85205, 85201, 85207, 85296, 85208, 85299, 85297, 85306, 85202, 85204, 85206, 85275, 85209, 85215, 85295, 85285, 85287, 85305, 85304, 85303, 85338, 85342, 85274, 85277, 85281, 85282, 85283, 85310, 85311, 85312, 85313, 85314, 85315, 85316, 85317, 85318, 85319, 85320, 85321, 85322, 85323, 85324, 85325, 85326, 85327, 85328, 85329, 85330, 85331, 85332, 85333, 85334, 85335, 85336, 85337, 85339, 85340, 85341, 85343, 85344, 85345, 85347, 85348, 85349, 85350 & more**.

**Shipping container availability in a particular location is not always guaranteed. Availability is determined by demand and suppliers in the Mesa, AZ area

Frequently Ask Questions for Cargo Containers For Sale Mesa, AZ

Shipping container homes are permitted in Mesa, AZ with proper permits and approvals. The city requires residential building permits for any interior remodels, additions, or new structures. Shipping containers used for homes would fall under these permit requirements. Specifically, the city requires two additional covered parking spaces if converting an existing garage or carport into livable space. Containers must also meet zoning regulations like setbacks and height limits. Overall, shipping containers can be used for homes in Mesa by applying for the proper building permits, meeting zoning codes, and having plans approved like any other residential project.

The cost of a new shipping container in Mesa ranges from $1,700 for a small 10 ft container up to $5,500 for a large 40 ft container, depending on size and features. Used containers are cheaper, starting around $1,800. Renting is also an option, with prices from $100-160 per month. Delivery fees add to the total cost. Many factors affect price including age, condition, size, modifications, and transportation distance. Buying locally in Mesa is recommended to save on delivery fees from out of state. Companies like On-Site Storage, Harper Steel, and Container Alliance provide competitive pricing and have inventory available in Mesa.

Investing in shipping containers can be a profitable endeavor in Mesa, Arizona due to the high demand for container storage and housing solutions in the area. The global shipping container market continues to grow, projected to reach over $18 billion by 2027. Containers hold material and functional value, so they make stable investments. Popular investment methods include buying and selling, repositioning and selling in different markets, and leasing out containers for passive income. However, fluctuating market prices can affect returns, so it’s important to monitor the market and choose the right investment strategy. Overall, with proper research and planning, investing in shipping containers in Mesa can generate good profits over the long-term.

Acquiring a shipping container in Mesa, AZ is feasible but involves some key considerations. Used containers can be purchased from the state government or private sellers for around $2,000-$5,000 depending on size and condition. Permitting may be required to place the container on your property for storage or conversion into a dwelling. Delivery fees from seller depots to your location can add cost. With research and planning, purchasing a shipping container in Mesa can provide durable and customizable storage or living space. Carefully weighing costs, permitting, and intended use will determine if acquiring a shipping container is the right solution for your needs.

There does not appear to be a shortage of shipping containers currently available in Mesa, Arizona. Several companies such as Aztec Container, Southwest Mobile Storage, and Conexwest have inventory available for sale or rent in various sizes and conditions. Prices range from $1700 to $5500 depending on size and condition. There is also a state auction of surplus shipping containers previously used for a border wall, with bidding starting at $2000 per container. So there appears to be ample supply to meet demand for shipping containers in Mesa at this time.

Shipping container Type in Mesa, AZ

  • Refrigerated ISO Containers
  • Open Top Container
  • Flat Rack Container
  • Insulated or Thermal Containers
  • Standard Dry Storage Container
  • High Cube Container
  • Double Doors Container
  • Car Carriers
  • Open Side Storage Container
  • Tanks
  • Special Purpose Containers
  • Swap Body Containers
  • Cargo Storage Roll Container
  • Tunnel Container
  • Half Height Containers
  • Intermediate Bulk Shift Containers
  • Drums
  • Side Open Storage Container

Shipping Containers in Mesa, Arizona