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If you’re on the hunt for shipping containers in the US, it’s key to have a clear idea of the supplier and manufacturer scene. Whether you’re gathering resources for huge transport tasks, storage purposes, or one-of-a-kind construction projects, picking the right provider could substantially impact the trifecta of quality, cost, and customer service. 

So, let’s dive into top-tier shipping container manufacturers and suppliers, learn about their histories, and check out the array of products and services up for grabs.

Best Shipping Container Suppliers in USA

If you’re living anywhere across the USA and scouting for shipping containers, don’t sweat it, we’ve got quite a range of suppliers that could cater to your needs. So, be it shipping, storing your goods, or some quirky project you have in mind, these providers got your back! 

#1. Compare Shipping Containers Quotes From Suppliers

Hold up before you reach out for your credit card, though. Play it smart by stacking up quotes from different suppliers out there. You want to ensure you’re landing the best possible deal and taking full stock of what each vendor brings to the table. Just a few minutes of comparing can shave off some dollars and time for you. Why not plug your details into the form below and get multiple quotes from suppliers within your vicinity?

#2. Eveon Containers

Eveon Containers

Launched in 2019, Eveon Containers Inc. has swiftly claimed its spot as a top-tier online retailer of pre-owned shipping containers worldwide. Their business puts an eco-conscious spin on the industry, breathing new life into out-of-commission containers and thus helping to curb global CO2 emissions.  

Depending on your needs, Eveon got you covered with a variety of container sizes — 20ft, 40ft, or 40ft High Cube. Rest assured, each one is as sturdy as they come, offering guaranteed protection against wind and water.  

Customer satisfaction isn’t just a buzzword at Eveon — it’s the core of their business. Along with their promise of top-notch quality, if a container fails to meet your standards, you’re protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Further, any structural issues that may affect the container’s reliability are met with swift solutions — either compensation or a replacement. They’re proudly stretching their footprint map from Atlanta to Wilmington all across the U.S. 

Looking to reach out? Their HQ is base at 4900 O’Hear Ave., Suite 100, North Charleston, SC 29405. Dial their U.S. service at 888-489-7585 or, for those in the North, call their Canada hotline at +1-888-839-5614. On top of everything, Eveon takes pride in supporting the U.S.VETS initiative and being a respected member of the NPSA.

#3. Shipped


Ever since its inception in 2014, has made a big splash as a leading direct supplier of shipping containers. With a whopping network of over 65 local depots across the Americas, Asia, and Europe, their reach is genuinely global. A significant selling point is their transparent pricing system – no hidden costs to surprise you here! If you’re into creative projects like turning containers into cool homes, you’ll find a great fit for your needs. caters to a variety of needs with their offering of different container sizes like 20′, 40′, and the super spacious 45′ hi-cubes. Want to pay using your preferred method? No problem! They accept an array of payment types such as checks, cash bank deposits, a few cryptocurrencies options, credit cards, and wire transfers. When it’s delivery time, count on their efficient system that utilizes tilt-bed or flat-bed trucks equipped with a crane.  

Worried about security? You can equip your container with fundamental padlocks or go for the sturdier and more secure steel hasps. The containers, crafted from top-notch COR-TEN steel, demand minimal upkeep and are very durable. Furthermore,’s attentive 24/7 customer support is always ready to answer any questions you might have, ensuring a smooth experience.

#4. MiniWarehousing


Need flexible on-site storage options? Check out Mini Warehousing, conveniently located in Mansfield, MA. Catering to a variety of sectors, from residential to industrial, they’re all about serving your distinct needs. These guys are a safe bet if you’re after spick and span, top-notch storage equipment. 

One unique trait of Mini Warehousing is their color-customization facility for long-term sales or rentals. That’s right, you can get your container to perfectly match your outdoor aesthetics. Given they cater to both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, they’ve certainly made a name for themselves locally. 

Feel like reaching out? Their number is (800) 548 – 5408 – available on weekdays, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Should you wish to drop an email, you can expect a reply anytime between 1 to 3 business days. One cool thing about Mini Warehousing is that it’s a family-run venture, so they really do make an effort to understand and meet all the individual needs of their customers!



Are you hunting for a trusted provider of ISO-approved shipping and storage containers? Let me introduce you to SEA BOX, an industry mainstay with over four decades of experience in manufacturing and modifying containers to fit various needs, including those of the refrigeration and containerized shelter industries. What’s more, they are not confined geographically; their services stretch far and wide – from North America and Europe to South America and Asia. 

Beyond their production capabilities, SEA BOX also excels in testing and certification alongside top-notch engineering and design services. This versatile company has earned accolades from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), marking them as a domestic small business manufacturer of repute. 

If you’re looking for dependability, SEA BOX’s unswerving commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions is sure to impress. With their vast level of experience and comprehensive array of equipment, they’re fully equipped to handle a wide variety of scenarios and meet diverse needs.

#6. Modugo


ModuGo is your one-stop shop if you’re in the market to buy or rent shipping containers. Whether you’re in need of standard, High Cube, or even the more specialized containers, they’ve got something for everyone. They’ve fine-tuned the process of acquiring these containers to be a seamless and fuss-free experience, thanks to their unbeatable prices, cutting-edge technology, and stellar customer service. 

Purchasing a container is a breeze with ModuGo. Simply choose your preferred option, proceed to checkout, and let them handle the rest. If you’re more interested in renting, they’ve got you covered too, with no binding long-term contracts to keep things flexible. They operate with total transparency when it comes to fees, and have a 3-month minimum rental term in place. 

ModuGo also stocks a variety of ramps, the perfect accessories for your container. Need to get in touch? Their friendly team is ready to help on (800) 880-7061 or you can email them at ModuGo takes great pride in their membership to the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) and the Modular Building Institute (MBI), guaranteeing you’re dealing with a business that upholds top industry standards for quality and reliability.

Shipping Container Manufacturers in the USA and Globally 

If you’re in the market for shipping containers, you’re in for a treat. With numerous shipping container manufacturers in the USA and across the globe, you’re spoiled for choice. To help you navigate through, we’ve compiled a list of these manufacturers, ensuring you fetch the best bang for your buck when hunting for your perfect containers.

  • Maersk
  • Falconstructures
  • Bmarkostructures
  • Transworld Equipment Corporation
  • Midwest Tank Company
  • Prentex Alloy Fabricators, Inc.
  • Meeberg Container Service B.V
  • Dencil Fluidtek Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Tankformator (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are most shipping containers built?

Shipping containers are primarily manufactured in China, with three Chinese companies accounting for the majority of production. 

However, other countries such as the US, South Korea, Taiwan, the UK, India, and Poland also manufacture containers on a smaller scale.

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